We're Having a K9! Fundraising Campaign, 2021

Please join us in raising $10,000 for the purchase of a new K9 for local law enforcement!  We are hosting this special campaign with our friends at Bagel Land, CountryMax and Texas BBQ through Labor Day 2021. Please POST/SHARE/DONATE directly through our GoFundMe Charity link at:

Your donation is tax-deductible and we encourage you to give a shout out in honor of a first responder on the GoFundMe donation scroll. Thank you for your support!



Since 2014, Rochester Area CRIME STOPPERS’ K-9 Initiative has provided financial support for unexpected veterinary expenses for ill and injured K-9s. These highly-trained and hardworking animals track lost children and the elderly; detect explosives and narcotics; and are beloved partners in law enforcement. They protect the police officer as well as the community.

The K-9s receive excellent routine veterinary care year-round but can become ill or injured while in service. Thanks to the CRIME STOPPERS K-9 INITIATIVE, we are able to provide financial assistance during a difficult time and help our K-9 friends on the road to recovery. We depend upon support from local businesses and individuals to fund this worthy initiative – and there are many interesting ways to help.

From “Jeans Day” fundraisers to K-9 Donation Jars, Car Washes or Company Coffee Hours, we are grateful to the many businesses and individuals who have come up with fun and unique ways to raise money for our local K-9s.

Every year, CRIME STOPPERS hosts a “Meet The K-9s!” Press Conference at the Public Safety Training Facility where we recognize and honor those who have donated to the K-9 Initiative. The press conferences are always well-attended and a media hit! Where there’s a K-9, there’s a crowd!

If you are interested in learning more about the K-9 Initiative, hosting a fundraiser or making a “Legacy Gift” donation, please contact: [email protected]

Note: A Legacy Gift of $10,000+ to support the purchase of a K-9 for a local law enforcement unit would entitle the donor to naming rights.

Please give generously to the CRIME STOPPERS K-9 INITIATIVE by clicking the Donate Button

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Please see how your donations have helped local K-9 Units! Check out the videos:

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Crime Stoppers: Meet MCSO’s new K-9 officer, Peak

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Meet K9 Doyle

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Rochester Area Crime Stoppers host ‘Meet the K-9s’


New Donated Obstacle Course

If you are interested in learning more about CRIME STOPPERS’ K-9 Initiative

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"The K-9 press conference was awesome! Meeting the K-9s and everyone in law enforcement was fun and informative. It was great to network with so many people that support CRIME STOPPERS.”
Rich Mogab
Texas BBQ Owner